Out of my league

Out of my league – such a simple saying but so wrong when it comes to friendship and relationships.

Let’s think about it – if we regard someone as out of our league because we feel they are superior to us, are we not judging ourselves too harshly – after all are we not all created equal?  We have the same feelings, thoughts, joys, pains, highs and lows- all that may make us different are the outward aspects – money, looks, etc.

To my way of thinking those are not important when it comes to selecting friends and partners.  The one you think may be out of your league might be exactly the person you need in your life, but your preconceptions and low esteem have kept both of you from experiencing the joy that could be attained.

When we consider that everyone bleeds, everyone cries, everyone laughs then we start to understand that we can reach out to each and every person that crosses our path.

On the other hand, if we consider ourselves superior to others and say they are not in our league –then we risk the opportunity of meeting some amazing people with lots of love to give.

We shut ourselves inside our velvet walls and only allow certain people in, what a shame, there is so much more to experience if we just stepped out from behind those walls and removed our false sense of superiority and embraced everyone.

Consider this – who decides who is superior and who is inferior?  Social norms, money, class, race, looks???? Are any of these capable of holding us when we are hurting, of celebrating with us when we succeed, share in all the wonder and beauty of this world?  Of course not, so why bow to them and allow them to decide on who is in your league or not?

Go out and meet people, enjoy the diversity, share in the greatness that is known as being human.

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