Shared Memories

Firelight flickers

Soft glow surrounds

Gentle voice

Brings to life

Silent pictures

Treasured memories


Pictures of beauty

Rich, Radiant colours

Verdant greens

Azure blues

Russet browns

Patchwork mountains


Pictures of death

Dry bones, skulls

Mementos of violence

Achingly Grey

Sorrowful reminders

Heartbreaking history


Pictures of a nation

Proud happy people

Tattered and poor

Rising above pain

Beaming welcome

Abundantly wealthy


Pictures of power

Majestic storms

Jagged light

Angry clouds

Pouring rain

Electric tension permeates


Pictures of wonder

Rainbow colour sunsets

Soft purples

Hazy pinks

Bright orange

Day fades into night


Pictures of peace

High above clouds

Calm sea below

Whales playing

Flying, soaring free

Playing with the birds


Pictures of memories

Raises longings

Creates awareness

Instills pleasure

Shared recollections

Infuse wondrous awe

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