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Mr Ant Twerp has been missing since 14 April 2010.  He was last seen walking down Duvet Rd in the direction of Pillow St. Mr Twerp was thought to be carrying a small crumb of bread and seemed  to be in a hurry. It is feared that he might have strayed into Human territory and if that is the case Mr Twerp may never be found. If anyone has any information with regards to his whereabouts please contact Ant Police Station on toll free number: 0861 ANTPOL
Mr Ant Twerp has been found.  At around 18h00 on the 15 April 2010, Mr T Mite was walking along Ant Highway and found Mr Twerp stumbling about exhausted and disoriented.  Mr Mite took Mr Twerp to Ant General Hospital.  Mr Twerp’s story is another reminder of the dangers we Ants face every day of our lives.  He says that as he was walking down Duvet Rd  a sudden earthquake erupted and he fell into the deep chasm that had just opened at his feet, luckily he had a soft landing but it took him the better part of the day to clamber out. Finally at the top of the chasm he turned back and headed onto Pillow St.  just as he turned into the street a tornado lifted him and carried him several miles away, finally dropping him onto Wall St. The wind knocked out of him and one of his feelers badly mangled,  Mr Twerp dazed and in pain wandered down Wall st, by chance coming upon Ant Highway where Mr T Mite found him.  Again a warning is being issued  to the whole Ant community  “be alert and aware at all times…you never know what might hit you next.”

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