If only I could talk

Oh if only I could talk

I would tell them a thing or two

About life and love

Happiness and laughter

About anger and hatred

Fighting and quarreling


Oh the day we first met

Their laughter and love

Happiness and youth

Echoed in me, round me

Pervading and surrounding

Exhilarating and refreshing


Oh her hands on my rough skin

“lets paint it” her cry

Turquoise and emerald

Amethyst  and  ruby red

Cerise and sunflower yellow

Brightening  and dazzling


Oh , Clothed in my new splendor

Proud and erect I stood

Year after year after year

Selfless became selfish

Love became hatred

Happiness became despair


Oh if only I could talk

I would have told them long ago

Speak up and be silent

Hold on and let go

Surrender and fight

Stand together always


Oh I don’t understand humans

Arrogant and ashamed

Hard headed and  stubborn

Give up and triumph

Weep and be strong

Unite against the assaults


Oh but, They sit alone together

If only they would be like me

Tremors and poundings

Quakes and shudders

Foundation shaking

Bricks and mortar still united

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