My Oasis

Noise fills my brittle soul

Lighting rips my heart apart

Thunder roars in my aching head

Wind howls round my thoughts

Rain drips tears from my eyes


Storms rage all round me

Shaking me to my very core

Waves toss me to and fro

Drag me deep under

Pulling me far down


Raging water surrounds me

Panic leaves me voiceless

Terror paralyses me

Wretchedness drowning me

Misery welcomes me


Shore tantalizingly out of my sight

Lighthouse blindingly obscured

No one to rescue me

Alone against the storm

Fighting for my life


Unexpected silence falls over me

Darkness wraps itself around me

Gentle arms tenderly enfold me

Quiet voice whispers peace to me

Comfort refreshes me


Tranquility fills my soul

Loving eyes calm my heart

Strong shoulders cushion my head

Soothing peace fills my thoughts

Butterfly kisses catch my tears


Loving friend shelters me

Strengthen my wavering resolve

Soothing my tired mind

Refreshing my ruptured soul

Calming my chaotic confusion


 Welcome oasis in my storm

Steadfastly bracing me

Courage once more fills me

Allowing me to swim out into the night

Facing life’s storm alone again

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