The final Aria

Alone on the stage

Spotlights illuminating, encompassing her

Soft voices hum through the theater

As the conductor raises his baton

Their eyes connect, communicate

Her tongue licks her lips, preparing

Her mouth slightly open, anticipating

Awaiting the conductors order

As the opening bars wash over her

she feels the tug, she breaths in deeply

The baton swoops downward

The conductor nods half smiling

Her voice soars over the audience

Entrancing them, enchanting them

Hypnotic, soothing, arousing

Her passion displayed to all

The orchestra builds up to a crescendo

The conductor controls it all

His baton directing, leading, dancing

She closes her eyes, music overcomes her

She is soaring with it, away from this world

Flying, spinning, breathlessly dancing

she sings with her heart, she pours out her soul

The cello’s throb pulses through her

Vibrating in and around her

The violins swirl over her

Crying out to her, with her

The tension mounts, electrifies

Faster, louder, higher ever higher

Till the last note rises high above

The orchestra slowly bows out

The baton holds her in place

The note carries to the darkest corners

Telling of pain and passion, surrender and triumph

It pours over the audience, embracing them

Transporting them, mesmerizing them

Then it ebbs away…leaving utter silence

Someday she will sing the final aria……..

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