From the ashes

Ashes all around, grey soft powdery ashes

The fire has burned itself out and left just ashes for memories

As they cool, the wind lifts them , tossing them about

Now and then a red glow is seen but it is quickly extinguished

The ground looks drab and lifeless nothing stirs…not a sound can be heard

Dead, all is dead…disintegrated, lost in the angry roiling inferno

A watcher stands on a distant hill sorrowing over the senseless loss

At first his eyes don’t notice the small movement

The ashes are stirring, shifting they are being pushed aside

A wing, a glorious fiery copper wing pushes its way through the ashes

Followed by the second wing…the colors so beautiful, so bright

 They make the watchers eyes burn

Slowly the head lifts out from under the wings

The watcher is filled with awe

As this magnificent creature unfurls its feathers

 Revealing their deep, rich, fiery colors of Copper, ruby and gold

As the watcher stands amazed and awestruck

The wonderful, awe inspiring creature stretches it wings,

Lifts it head proudly, arrogantly

And as the watcher falls to his knees

The Phoenix rises from the ashes…

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