Courtesy and Respect

Does  it make a difference being raised by single parents? Can we blame the rampant discourtesy and disrespect men and women today, have toward each other, on upbringing?

It has been said that angry single mothers teach their daughters to hate or disrespect men, that they teach their sons that they are worthless because they are men.

It has also been alleged that angry men teach their sons that women are there to use and abuse, they teach their daughters that they are weaker than men.

If this is true it is a sad reflection of our society.

However, I have too often seen the other side.

I have seen children who have been brought up by both parents from good families that have no courtesy, no respect for others.

I have seen children raised by single parents turn out to be pillars of the community, courteous and respectful.

These observations have led me to believe that it has nothing to do with being raised by two parents or a single parent,  but more to do with the example the parents set.  The lessons they teach their children and the love and support they show to people around them.

Courtesy and respect for others starts in the home.

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