To my fellow South Africans

A lady on the radio asked the question – what do you whites expect from us blacks?  It gave me pause for thought – to be honest I, personally, have never expected anything different from those that we refer to as “Black”  than that which I expect from any living breathing human being.

These being:

Stop differentiating by colour – we all bleed the same colour, feel hurt, thrive on love and crave happiness and peace – just because you happen to be a different colour from someone else does   not mean  you to should be treated differently.

Take responsibility for your own life. Blaming your parents, the government, society, other races for your lack,  is immature and won’t get you where you want to be.  If Mr. Mandela could become president after being imprisoned by those who wanted to keep him down, then, in my  opinion, we can all achieve what we set our minds to no matter the circumstances.

Stop the complaining – we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world (if not the most beautiful) but all we can do is whine and complain about each other, about the government, about anything in fact.  Once we look around and see what an honor it was for us to be born South African then we will start a chain of peace instead of this chain of anger.

Stop feeling entitled – we are none of us entitled to anything in this world – we are gifted with our talents, our families, our precious land – who are we to take this for granted.  Young people, stop expecting your parents, the government, society, etc to give you what you feel you deserve, be that an education, a car, pocket money –  you deserve nothing if you have not  worked for it.  Everything else is a gift that you need to appreciate and take care of.

I am proud to be South African, I love that we all have different cultures, this is what makes us the rainbow nation . I would love to see us all living and working in peace, no color, no judgments, just full acceptance of each other as fellow human beings.

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