The Crying Game

A man will climb a mountain.

Walk on the moon.

He will fly around the world.

Race round a track.

He will lift the heaviest weights.

Wrestle against an enemy.

A man will jump out of a plane.

Off of a cliff.

He will surf the highest wave.

Dive the deepest sea.

A man will control his business.

Manage his staff.

He will command respect.

Be admired by many.

A man will be powerful.

Brave and strong.


This same man quivers when he is faced with a woman’s tears.

Suddenly he is stammering and stuttering.

Shaking and shuddering.

Wishing he was on top of that mountain

Falling out of that plane

Swimming with the sharks

Anywhere but right there with this sobbing female.

What is it about a crying woman that frightens a man so?

Is it that he feels out of control?

 Or helpless and frustrated?

Is it that he feels he is somehow to blame?

Or he fears his own weakness will surface

His hurts and heartaches

Or does he feel guilt and regret?

A crying woman does not need to be saved.

Protected or rescued

She doesn’t need logic,

Lectures or disregard.

All she needs is to be held

To be loved

To know that her man has shoulders big enough to take all her tears.

A woman cannot always explain why she is crying

 Or what she feels

 When pushed for a reason she may get defensive

She may attack or withdraw

She may accuse or blame

She may hurt both you and herself.


Accept that she doesn’t want to talk about it yet

That she needs your love

Your understanding

Your arms

Your whispers of endearment.

It’s so sad that men are brought up not to cry

“The whole cowboys don’t cry” philosophy

Why then were they given tear ducts?

If they let go and cried,

Their stress levels would drop,

Their anger would dissipate

Their outlook on life would brighten

Carrying pain is never healthy.

So all you men out there

Don’t run away from the tears,

Embrace them

Embrace the woman shedding them

Then your relationships will strengthen

Your life will be fuller


Most importantly your tear ducts will get a good cleaning..

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