The Ocean

Come play with me……come play with me

The ocean sibilantly whispers

gently swirling its icy fingers round the legs

tickling the feet, making the child giggle


Come challenge me…Come challenge me

the ocean shouts into the storm

engulfing the rocks with its anger

embracing the wind as its ally


Come ride on me..come ride on me

The ocean welcomingly beckons

As it Languorously carries the ship

To lands of spices, wonders and beauty


Come see my soul…come see my soul

The ocean sends out its dangerous invitation

Strange creatures swim and play in its depths

Cared for and protected by the chilly waters


Come see my rage……come see my rage

The ocean menacingly roars

Its grasping hands ripping walls away

Tearing at houses, breaking up families


Come to me…come to me

The ocean magnetically calls

See my gentleness, see my violence

Gaze at me with awe and wonder

For I am  an awe-inspiring creation

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